This level is for students who have completed two terms of Online Level I and are eager to learn more about craft. The weekly routine is much like that of Level I, but the exercises and discussions delve more deeply into narrative and poetic techniques. Students begin to identify these elements in their own work, and they begin to explore new elements of craft, such as creating a narrative tone of voice that offers a contrast or tension to the underlying emotion. Students have an opportunity to revise or deepen one of their assignments.

The class works best on computers and tablets connected to the Internet. Technical support is available throughout the course. Class size is limited to 12 students.


Writers Studio Teacher

Susan Tatiner

Susan Tatiner’s poetry has appeared in Artemis, Litchfield Review, Voices Project, Front Porch Review, and other publications. She has authored one chapbook, Traitors Bluff, and is currently completing a second manuscript. She studied English Literature at New York University, and has trained to teach at The Writers Studio with Rachael Nevins.